Product Liability

Product liability

Dangerous And Defective Products


All of us interact to some degree with thousands of manufactured goods every day. From the cars we drive to the elevators we ride and the food we eat, we are interacting with a huge number of goods that we are trusting are safe. We trust that the people who made these products and brought them to market have tested them and know they are safe for us to use.

We are skilled at creating accountability and pursuing the maximum compensation for those harmed by defective or dangerous products such as:

• Automobile parts
• Appliances
• Power tools
• Medicine/medical devices



There are three general types of product defects:


Design failure — When there is a critical error at the design stage of a product’s development, every single one of those products will be dangerous. A good example of a design flaw is the infamous exploding gas tank on the Ford Pinto.

Manufacturing failure — Sometimes products are designed safely, but an individual production run may have had some error that makes the product unsafe.

Failure to warn — When a manufacturer can anticipate that someone may use a product for an unintended, but foreseeable, use that could be hazardous, the manufacturer needs to warn of the risk of that type of use.

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