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You’re injured on someone’s property. When do you file a premises liability claim?

When stepping onto someone’s property, be it a personal residence, a business establishment, or a recreational space, there’s an inherent trust that the area is safe. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur due to negligence or unsafe conditions. If you’ve suffered harm due to someone else’s oversight, the premises liability lawyers at RF Injury Law are here to ensure your rights are protected.

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Premises liability is a facet of the law that holds property owners responsible when an injury occurs on their land or establishment due to unsafe or defective conditions. From slip and fall accidents to incidents involving attractive nuisance like an unprotected swimming pool, these cases can vary widely.

What is a Premises Liability Case?

A premises liability case arises when someone gets injured on another person’s property, and it can be proven that the owner’s negligence or failure to maintain a safe environment contributed to the injury. This could include wet floors without warning signs, poorly lit stairwells, or even hazards like exposed wiring.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

There are several types of premises liability cases, which lead to premises liability injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Perhaps the most common type, these occur when a person slips, trips, or falls due to a dangerous condition on the property.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Pools can be considered an attractive nuisance, especially to child trespassers. Owners might be held liable for injuries if proper precautions aren’t taken.
  • Injuries from inadequate maintenance or building code violations.
  • Accidents involving elevators or escalators.
  • Animal bites or attacks, especially in cases where the animal has a history of aggression.

Who’s Involved in a Premise Liability Case?

In most premises liability cases, the individuals involved fall into one of three categories:

  • Invitee: Someone invited onto the property, like a customer in a store.
  • Licensee: Someone who enters the property for their own purpose, like a salesperson.
  • Trespasser: Someone without permission to be on the property.

However, it’s worth noting that even trespassers, especially children, can sometimes claim damages in certain situations.

Seeking Compensation

If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to a property owner’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills incurred due to the injury.
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.
  • Lost wages if the injury prevented you from working.
  • Any future medical expenses related to the injury.

Why Choose RF Injury Law?

Selecting an experienced premises liability lawyer is crucial for a successful claim. Here’s why RF Injury Law is the right choice:

  • Extensive experience: With countless premises liability claims under our belt, our team has the expertise to handle any case, no matter its complexity.
  • Duty of care: We understand that every property owner has a duty of care to ensure safe conditions. We’ll fight to prove when that duty was breached.
  • In-depth knowledge: We stay updated with the latest in premises liability law, ensuring we leverage every possible advantage for your case.

Navigating Comparative Fault in Premises Liability

Sometimes, both the property owner and the injured party share blame. Our lawyers will help decipher the comparative fault in premises liability, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

Let Us Help

Injuries due to another’s negligence can be traumatizing. Allow our premises liability attorney team at RF Injury Law to guide you through this challenging time. Reach out today for a comprehensive review of your case. We’re here to help.

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