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Catastrophic injuries typically have life-altering consequences

Workers in New York face safety risks each day, and employers must ensure that all employees are aware of potential hazards. They must also provide adequate training to teach them how to protect themselves. Federal and state safety standards require business owners to equip machinery and power tools with safeguards that will prevent contact with moving machine parts. However, the number of catastrophic injuries that are reported is an indication that many employers do not prioritize employee safety.

Workplace accidents that cause employees to lose body parts like arms, legs, hands, fingers or toes are examples of catastrophic injuries. In many cases, these injuries occur due to a lack of machine guarding. When workers make accidental contact with moving or rotating machine parts, an amputation injury can happen in the blink of an eye. Such incidents can cause injuries that lead to amputations, or they can entirely sever body parts.

Fewer Construction workers' accidents in New York than statewide

Construction workers in New York might find comfort in knowing that statistics show they are safer on the job than those outside of the five boroughs. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health recently released a study named "Deadly Skyline," in which concern is expressed about the increase in fatal construction workers' accidents across the state. However, fatality rates within the boroughs of New York show a significant decline over the most recent five-year period.

According to the dossier, the lower percentage of construction-related deaths occurred during years in which there was an explosion of growth in city construction projects. The study shows that there is no correlation between the boom in building and the number of work-related fatalities. According to NYCOSH, the city aggressively prosecutes contractors who commit wage, labor and safety violations, and it attributes the reduction in construction accidents to the harsh penalties issued to those who risk the lives of workers by cutting corners.

How can you stay safe on the roads this winter?

Unfortunately in New York, winter is just beginning and the cold weather will likely continue for a while. Driving is dangerous enough without adding snow and ice into the mix. Driving in this type of weather requires some adjustments to your regular habits. How can New York drivers stay safe throughout the rest of the winter season?

What are some safety tips for driving?

Rooftop workers often victims of construction workers' accidents

Every year, thousands of preventable incidents cause severe or even fatal injuries to New York workers. A significant percentage of these are construction workers' accidents involving falls from rooftops. Sadly, many employers in the construction industry prioritize profit over employee safety.

Proper planning is required before any roof work is done. Falls are the primary hazards for rooftop workers, and include falls over roof edges, from ladders, through skylights or hatchways. After assessing the roof for potential dangers, steps must be taken to mitigate risks. Guardrails and self-closing gates must prevent falls through roof openings, and another guardrail system on the roof's edge can provide further protection.

Car accidents: Policea say reckless driver injures 4 in crash

Too many motorists and their passengers have to deal with crash injuries on New York roads. Almost all car accidents are preventable if only all drivers comply with traffic laws and the rules of the road. Sadly, innocent victims typically have to suffer the consequences of the recklessness of other drivers, and sometimes those consequences could be life-altering.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, a 19-year-old driver was seen speeding on westbound Long Island Expressway. According to a police report, the driver was reckless in the way he switched lanes at a high rate of speed. This led to his car colliding with an SUV, and the impact caused that vehicle to roll over multiple times.

Eye-tracking device to test for concussions approved by the FDA

Until recently, diagnosing a concussion has been a complex— and subjective— process. However, this process might be changing with the invention of the EyeBox.

After years of clinical trials, the FDA recently approved a concussion-detecting device. The device is known as the EyeBox.

Construction workers' accidents: 3 injured when shed collapses

Scaffolds typically pose severe safety hazards, which are exacerbated during the New York winter months. Employers are responsible for the safety and health of employees, and the only way to do that is to comply with federal and state safety standards. Sadly, many work-related injuries are suffered in construction workers' accidents that involve safety violations.

The New York Department of Buildings recently issued a stop work order after an incident that sent three construction workers to the hospital. Reportedly, the incident occurred in Brooklyn shortly after 8:30 a.m. on a recent Thursday. A DOB report indicates that the three workers fell from a sidewalk shed that was the height of one story.

Construction workers' accidents in New York's cold winter weather

Among the many tall buildings in New York City, the wind in January can feel stronger and colder than anywhere else. Although construction activities are limited in the dead of winter, workers face increased risks in any outdoor jobs they do at this time. Construction workers' accidents can occur if special precautions are not in place.

Slip-and-fall incidents cause construction worker injuries throughout the year, but the risks are exacerbated when snow and ice create slippery surfaces. Ice can form on any cold surface, and ladders, scaffolding, work platforms, stairs and walkways all become more dangerous than usual when ice accumulates. Slips from elevated areas can result in traumatic brain injuries and fractured bones, and it could even lead to death.

Car accidents: 6-car crash in New York City kills 1, injures 2

Nationwide, too many lives are lost in preventable crashes during the holidays. Many fatal car accidents that occur in New York City lead to criminal charges. One such an accident happened on a recent Saturday morning, only a block away from the World Trade Center.

According to a police report, multiple cars were wrecked on a major roadway that runs along the Hudson River. A 37-year-old driver allegedly failed to maintain control of his vehicle and struck another car. The impact caused that car to flip over before it caught fire. The female driver of that car did not survive the accident.

Construction workers' accidents in New York raise concern

Safety authorities in New York City expressed their concern about the numbers of lives that are lost in the city's construction industry. Reportedly, the numbers of construction workers' accidents that were recorded until October this year already met the margins of the full 12 months of recent years. They also compared the numbers of injuries and fatalities with pre-recession years, with grim conclusions.

Reportedly, construction accident numbers have increased each year since the start of the building boom in 2014. A November fatality on a construction site in Brooklyn brought the number of construction-related deaths in the city so far in 2018 to 12, which equals the numbers of deaths each full year from 2015 through 2017. Despite more enforcement measures, lives continue to be lost on construction sites in New York.


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