Were You Injured In An On-The-Job Fall?

Construction workers face a variety of risks that are unique to their type of work. They work with so many potentially dangerous tools and have to carry out so many hazardous tasks that the chance of being seriously injured on the job is always present.

Working on a scaffolding or ladder is one of the most common scenarios in which construction workers are injured. So much so, that we have a special section in our state labor laws, Section 240, that allows workers injured on scaffolding or ladders to pursue compensation from the owner of the property where the accident happened.

Being able to pursue compensation from additional sources helps increase the likelihood that your needs will be met after being injured.

Falls from scaffolding or a ladder can create serious and sometimes permanent injuries such as:

Our firm assists injured workers with securing compensation through claims against property owners and other third parties who may have been responsible for or contributed to your injuries.

We also assist injured workers who are concerned that their immigration status may prevent them from being able to pursue compensation. Undocumented workers have rights regarding compensation for being injured and we can help them pursue those claims.

Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts And Settlements

At Ricigliano & Filopei, P.C., we are committed to delivering the highly effective compensation injured construction workers deserve. For those who have been injured in a fall from scaffolding or a ladder, the injuries suffered may be life-changing. When that is coupled with the unique way these accidents are treated under our labor law, it is clear that the best choice is to work with an attorney who has a deep understanding of these issues. We have that experience and a track record of success to prove it.

We assist union and nonunion construction workers.

Scaffolding Accident Lawyers Serving Manhattan, The Bronx And Throughout New York And New Jersey

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We take cases on a contingent-fee basis. That means we only collect attorney's fees if we obtain compensation for you.